Pixel Pressure is both my company name and the online portfolio of me, Simon Scott.
I am a freelance designer working across most media and platforms. I have been working within Digital since the birth of the internet, before that I was a Print designer specialising in Music and Video publishing. I was always fascinated by the technical production of Art & Design and also Music and growing up in the 80's I was surrounded by Surf and Skate designs, band logos and record sleeve designs as well as a new era of musical styles,
in particular sampling so this melting pot of art played a big part in my influences and choice of career.
A lot has changed since then to say the least and I always aim to keep up to date with trends and emerging technologies.
I'm well used to working within the short timescale/limited assets sphere and am well versed in 'bringing things to life' and working to 'Premium' standards!

Motion Graphics/Animation/Video editing
Online Advertising/DOOH
Visual identity/Branding/Logos
Vector Illustration
Storyboarding - Illustrated scamp or digital
Social media content
Sound design​​​​​​​

Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere, InDesign, Logic Audio,
Pen and paper
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